Remote Video Surveillance Vs Security Guards

Choosing Between Remote Video Surveillance and On Site Security Guard Service

There was a time when the only choice for keeping a location secure was to hire the services of on site security guard service. Thanks to the advances made in technology, these days one also has the option of opting for remote video monitoring.

Remote video monitoring technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. These days you have access to thermal imaging cameras, panoramic technology and various other such gadgets that make video monitoring so much more sophisticated.

The smart cameras available today for video monitoring come with embedded analytics and internal storage. These cameras can stream video directly to smart phones and other devices connected through the Internet. Some of the cameras also have the option of saving the footage in the cloud.

Over the past few years, remote video monitoring has gained tremendous popularity for providing security at not just apartment complexes and retail centers but also in industrial settings and various other locations.

It brings down the security cost as most of the money is spent on the initial investment and the ongoing operating costs are extremely low. There are a number of other advantages of remote video monitoring.

One of the biggest advantages of video monitoring is that it deters crime as people are conscious of the security cameras. The presence of security cameras intimidates criminals as they have the fear of getting caught red-handed with a record of their criminal activity. In simple terms, a security camera prevents your office and home from becoming easy targets.

Another advantage of the video monitoring is that these cameras can be placed anywhere. Some of the cameras are small enough to be hidden in photo frames, pictures as well as plants. These cameras allow you to monitor the activities of everyone in your location.

The modern securities and cameras available on the market today are not only capable of recording high-definition video but also audio. These also allow you to keep record of all the activities and can help authorities in case of any problem. You can easily maintain security records as cameras record everything in a systematic manner.

However, all is not hunky-dory with cameras. They also have several disadvantages. Some of the high-end cameras that have a number of features can cost thousands of dollars. Also, there is added cost of regular maintenance in addition to the initial cost.

Since these are electronic systems, these are vulnerable to various hacks. Also, cameras probably cannot cover every nook and corner in a location which means that a clever criminal may be able to figure out a way to go in without getting detected.

Also, there have been cases where hackers have been able to get control over security cameras connected to Internet and used them to spy on people. While cameras do allow you to record the footage for viewing later and for the record, a camera cannot stop crime. A camera system cannot alert the cops.

The other option to keep your property safe is to hire the services of on-site security guards. On-site security guard service has its own advantages.

One of the biggest advantages is that security guards on-site can cover every corner of the property. In simple terms, there is no blind spot when a security officer is patrolling the property.

Security officers patrolling the property are a better deterrent when compared to only cameras. Also, these professional security guards are trained to look into any suspicious activity. They are trained to assess various situations and react accordingly.

Another advantage of security guards is that they don't malfunction like electronic equipment such as video cameras.

However when it comes to comparing the features of remote video monitoring vs on site security guard service, the truth is that none of these offers absolute security. This is the reason that experts recommend having a hybrid approach with blend of security cameras and on-site security guard service.

Security officers act as an effective deterrent when vigilantly patrol the property. Since they can react quickly, they are capable of stopping a crime from happening and reporting it quickly to the concerned authorities.

On the other hand, remote video surveillance is providing evidence of any wrongdoing. These can be used to effectively monitor large industrial facilities as well as parking lots.

Therefore, the right choice for securing your property is to use the on-site security guard service as well as video monitoring service together. Remote video monitoring will allow you to lower the security guard force and supplement the operations of remaining security guards.

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